How to Fix a Long Cracked, Chipped or Damaged Windshield in Fort Worth, TX; Chip Repair & More

Your car is an important part of your life. That is why it is important to know what you need to do to keep it in good condition. There are several important areas of the car that need your attention but one that you want to never overlook is the windshield. This is the area that you need to be able to see through to be able to drive safely. There are lots of ways that your windshield can be broken and you want to make sure that if there are any chips, cracks or dings in the window you have it repaired or replaced. Fred’s Auto Glass outlines some of the most common ways car, truck and van windshield get damaged.

Rear End Collision & Other Car Accidents Can Cause Damage to a Windshield

The first and most common reason that your windshield will become damaged is when you are in a car accident. The impact of an accident even sometimes a minor one is enough to cause the windshield to crack or shatter. This can be from the car being pushed into it or a person hitting into the car. You want to make sure that you replace the windshield if you are in an accident and the windshield is damaged.

Can a Windshield Crack or Shatter from Heat or Cold?

The other trouble that you can have with your windshield is when the air outside is an extreme temperature. This alone is not really enough to cause the window to break but if you add heat to a cold window the glass cannot always handle the large change and it will cause it to stress. This stress then will lead to cracking. The other problem is if you are in an area that has extreme cold and the window is in the cold for long periods of time it can cause stress as well.

Rock, Hail or Debris Hit My Windshield!

The next reason that many people end up with a chip or crack in their windshield is when they are minding their own business. The problem comes when there is another driver is in front of you like a truck or diesel and then rocks are kicked up from the ground. The rocks can hit your windshield and this will cause a chip. When there is a chip in the windshield it will otherwise lead to a crack that will over time continue to get larger and larger. You want to be careful when following a truck and keep your distance so that the rocks doesn’t have time to hit your window and will drop before you get there.

Poor Quality Auto Glass

if you have your windshield replaced and it is with a poor quality glass you can be sure that it is more susceptible to cracking. You want to make sure that you use a good quality glass and you want to make sure that the glass is installed professionally. This will ensure that the glass is in place and that there is not any unwanted pressure.

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